Get lifetime access to Yodel and use a phone system bot.

Yodel streamlines customer communication by allowing your business to make and receive phone calls directly from Slack – without any additional software.

Yodel lets you create custom greetings, take calls on browser or mobile, play music while customers are on hold, and receive voicemails which are transcribed and shown directly in your Slack.

Each phone call up for success is using¬†Natural Speech feature. This means that Yodel answers every call and asks why they’re calling.

The phone system bot acts like a virtual receptionist: It understands what the caller needs and announces the call in the right Slack channel, so you only answer when you need to.

Yodel offers local phone numbers in over 100 countries

It can help you connect with an international audience by understanding and interpreting over 30 languages and accents.

This phone system bot lives in your Slack channels and announces calls.
– Answer the calls directly from Slack and talk via the web browser or mobile phone.
– Dial out with the /yodel slash command.
– Invite others in Slack to the calls.
– Share calls via the Yodel link inside and outside of Slack. Finally, you can share not only GIFs but also calls!

Lifetime Access to Yodel

  • 2 users
  • 1 phone number with unlimited parallel calls
  • Outbound calls: 500 mins per year to US and CA. Additional minutes and international minutes are invoiced
  • 1 U.S. or Canada based phone number included. Additional US/CA phone numbers and international numbers are invoiced
  • Additional users get 30% off the monthly rate
  • Outbound activity every 6 months necessary to have the account remain active (can always re-activate)
  • Email support
  • Port your number
  • Send and receive text messages
  • All future updates & integrations of the Professional plan are included

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