Create responsive tables and charts for WordPress with wpDataTables

Creating a table or chart with wpDataTables is easy.

There’s no complicated coding required and there’s endless customization, including language, skin font, and colors!

You can take advantage of advanced features like responsive design, conditional formatting, and multi-criteria filtering, then just publish the table on your post or page.

Table created with wpDataTables plugin
Create simple tables in the wpDataTables plugin that let you merge cells, style each cell differently, and even add star ratings.

To create your table, input the data manually or upload files from an existing data source. wpDataTables supports MySQL query, Google Sheets, PHP array, JSON, and XML input sources.

The Google Sheets API allows you to automatically sync previously created, published, and shared Google Sheets in wpDataTables, plus create tables from private Sheets.

You can easily edit tables from both the WordPress back-end and front-end and control user permissions to view or edit table data on a published page.

You can choose from pie, bar, line, spline, and more, plus live-edit your chart and preview it in real-time before saving and inserting it to your page.

Graphs and charts made with wpDataTables
Effortlessly turn any WordPress table into a graph or chart!

The advanced customization features are virtually endless. From choosing a color palette to inserting your company logo, wpDataTables lets you do it all, and then some!

You can create and use form-based columns that calculate the sum, average, minimum, and maximum of all the values in seconds with zero effort on your part.

Turn your data into powerful and insightful visuals with wpDataTables.

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