Showcase your best customer reviews with Wiremo

Wiremore’s powerful AI analyzes your reviews for overall sentiment and only pulls the most positive feedback into your reviews carousel.

Send time-triggered emails to request reviews from your customers, using templates that can be tailored to fit your brand.

Plus, you can set up triggers that auto-reply to negative feedback and connect frustrated customers with your support team.

Set up auto-replies so you can immediately connect with customers who left negative reviews.

With the Wiremo Carousel, you can highlight your most persuasive 5-star reviews anywhere on your website to attract more shoppers.

You’ll also be able to share eye-catching visual feedback on social media to boost word-of-mouth traffic.

As you receive more reviews from your customers, Google will push your website closer to the top of organic search results.

Wiremo Carousel
Highlight positive reviews anywhere on your website with the Wiremo Carousel.

Use the Q&A widget to reply to potential customers asking for information about your products or services.

Capture photos from the latest reviews to get a real-time overview of what customers are saying about your business.

Best of all, Wiremo Triggers lets you automatically send promo codes and bonuses to loyal shoppers so they’re excited to buy from you again.

Build more trust with your customers.

Get lifetime access to Wiremo today!

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