Webtotem is a defense platform to protect your site and data

The web application firewall (PHP WAF) prevents attacks from hackers, spambots, and other automated threats by screening incoming traffic.

You’ll stop attackers from visiting your site in super small intervals, so you won’t get bogged down in bogus traffic.

Protect your site with a firewall and find out which region attacks are coming from!

You’ll get another line of defense with WebTotem’s antivirus.

The antivirus module will autonomously check files for viruses, shells, and backdoors with a powerful signature analysis algorithm.

WebTotem also makes it easy to find out where your site stands with security.

You can generate reports for all of your security modules, or just the ones you select for specific insights.

WebTotem also breaks down your current standing across security modules in the dashboard, giving you a quick overview for easy reference.

Use the dashboard to get an overview of all security modules, then compile the data into a custom report.

Your website is important—give it the protection it deserves.

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