Quickly automate lead generation using LinkedIn and email with Waalaxy

With Walaaxy, you can generate hundreds of prospects per week with LinkedIn and email.

Just download the tool on the Google Chrome Store and it’ll automatically sync with your LinkedIn account. Then import leads via LinkedIn Search, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, or through a CSV file.

Next, you’ll get direct access to your prospects’ relevant information and find out their occupation, company, and location with the click of a button.

While LinkedIn’s invite quota is limited to 100 per week, Walaaxy lets you send up to 700 invitations a week to prospects.

Prospect page
Head to the prospect page to get an overview of their occupations, companies, statuses, and actions.

If prospects won’t accept your LinkedIn invite, you can uncover their email address through the email finder and send them personalized email messages.

Rest assured, you’ll only receive professional and verified email addresses thanks to integration with Dropcontact.

Each email is retrieved through GPDR-compliant search and verifications algorithms, so you don’t have to go the extra mile to search for a prospect’s contact details.

You can also track your results on the main dashboard, which summarizes your email or LinkedIn response rate, prospecting status, and actions sent.

Main dashboard
Get an overview of your LinkedIn acceptance rates, email results, prospecting status, and more on the main dashboard.

Walaaxy’s numerous sequence templates let you deliver automated invitations and messages to your list of contacts on LinkedIn.

To drive leads deeper down the sales funnel, you can even create automated follow-up messages to increase your response rate.

Walaaxy lets you find hundreds of email addresses a week, send automated messages, and build complex workflows to convert more people in less time.

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