Level up your video communication and content creation with Vmaker.

Video communications should be as easy as sending an email.

That’s why Vmaker lets you easily record your screen, webcam, or both

It’s all the benefits of Gmail and Zoom on a single platform, with added features to boost audience engagement and make your videos interactive.

You’ll be able to record videos on your devices, create mouse emphasis, annotate with a free-draw feature, access built-in editing tools, and share your videos on-the-go.

Use Annotations to easily highlight areas of your screen and get your point across faster!

Cut, merge, trim, crop, and edit your recorded videos to your heart’s content, with just a single click on the video editor.

The best part is, you can record and edit videos from a single window. No more windows cluttering up your screen!

Just download the Vmaker app for Mac or the plugin for Chrome, grant the webcam, audio, and screen recording permissions.

The absolute cherry on top is that you can record all your videos at 4K resolution without ever worrying about a time limit.

Vmaker offers premium video quality, so you’ll always record in stunning 4K resolution!

With intuitive screen and webcam recording, Vmaker makes asynchronous collaboration, content creation, teaching, and sharing a breeze.

Get lifetime access to Vmaker today!

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