Convert your product data feed into custom high-quality video ads with Vidyou

With Vidyou, you can create high-quality, branded video ads in minutes by syncing to your digital product catalog – no more manually updating product or pricing info!

Use the ready-made video templates to make building video ads easier and quicker than ever.

Vidyou lets you generate thousands of ads that can be shared on major platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and more.

To get started, simply sync your digital product inventory with the Vidyou platform using an XML link, or links from Google Merchant, Facebook product catalog, or Google sheets.

Vidyou will automatically pull in product details from your catalog, saving you time and energy.

Create video ads for all of your campaigns in minutes.

Pick the format you want to use based on the platform(s) you’ll use to broadcast your ad, like Instagram stories or in-feed ads on Facebook.

Running a promotion or sale? Add a custom CTA to highlight product discounts.

Plus, add music to your ad by uploading a song you’ve purchased or select one from the Vidyou library to make your ad stand out.

Connect your product inventory to automatically generate video ads and skip manual updates to product information.

If you’ve ever accidentally posted the wrong thing on social media, you know how important it is to make sure your ads look just right.

As you create the ad, you can see it play in real-time. You can also double-check your work with previews of how the ad will look on each individual platform.

Once your ads are created, you can download individual videos, or export a report of all the links.

You can also connect your Facebook business account to share ads straight from Vidyou to your Facebook page.

Get the video format you need for top social platforms!

Running a limited time promotion or planning a price-drop in the future? There’s no need to redo any of your work.

The Vidyou platform lets you schedule auto-updates to automatically sync any changes to product price or description with your ad.

Choose from hourly updates all the way to monthly – whatever fits your schedule.

Never run outdated video ads again or worry about changes to product information when you use Vidyou.

Set scheduled updates, so your product info is always accurate.

Now there’s a better way to create incredible video ads for your entire inventory, without wrecking your budget or your timeline.

Sync your product catalog and generate video ads for all your social platforms with just a few clicks.

Get access to Vidyou today!

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