Share, and manage real video testimonials with VideoPeel

With VideoPeel, you’ll be able to skip past all the technical barriers of filming testimonials by letting customers record and upload content themselves.

You can customize instructions with one or more prompts for customers to respond to, then send them a link where they can record right on their smartphone or computer .

All the information they see can be customized to include your own branding.

Plus, you can choose whether to send your shareable link via email, SMS, messenger, mobile and more to make the request through your preferred communication channels.

VideoPeel also gives you the option to collect photos, names, and email addresses to continue building customer relationships.

Send customers a link to record their own video testimonials – no logins or downloads required!

Privacy and data collection concerns are major hangups for both customers and businesses.

That’s why VideoPeel lets you control the privacy policy and terms and conditions for each campaign, so customers know exactly how their videos will be used.

Customers can review your custom privacy policy and terms and conditions before signing right from their phones!

After your customers have successfully recorded their testimonial, why not show them your gratitude?

With automated thank-you messages built right into your campaign, VideoPeel makes showing your appreciation fast and easy.

You can even link to a special gift to show that you really care and incentivize future testimonials.

The thank you message can also include a call-to-action for customers to share their video on Facebook, or submit a review on Google or Amazon.

So if they’re really excited about your product, they can give their social media feeds a welcome break from baby pictures to give you a shout-out.

Include calls to action to get people sharing their testimonials on social media!

VideoPeel excels at keeping all your testimonials in one place.

Use tags to organize videos by categories, products, or audience segments, then quickly filter through them.

You’ll also be able to search through automated video transcripts to find relevant information without having to sit through hours of glowing reviews .

The videos detail customer information, too, so you can follow up for more content requests later.

Quickly tag videos, search through transcripts, and follow-up with customers!

Now it’s time to share those amazing testimonials with the world.

Display the videos directly on your website, Shopify store, WordPress site, and more, with the VideoPeel Carousel Player, which works on any web platform.

Installation is painless and your videos will be ready to go in minutes!

VideoPeel also integrates with YouTube, Facebook, Amazon, and more so you can easily broadcast to the largest audiences.

Share the testimonials right on your website with the VideoPeel plugin!

Some things you’ve got to see to believe (except Cats — we already know it’s terrifying).

When it comes to your business, seeing what your customers already love about you is what drives future customers to action.

Use VideoPeel to painlessly collect and share video testimonials, all from one platform.

Get VideoPeel today!

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