Get awesome music for your content with Uppbeat

Uppbeat gives solo creators and small businesses with up to 10 employees access to a music platform built from the ground up for the creator community.

That means unlimited music from real artists, awesome tracks added every week, and no copyright claims—because there’s nothing worse than your video getting red flagged!

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Uppbeat is the first freemium music platform designed specifically for creators.

Whether it’s chillhop for travel vlogs or background beats for tutorial videos, Uppbeat’s diverse catalog and curated playlists are designed to perfectly complement all types of content.

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Discover a highly-curated catalog of awesome music from real artists.

That way, you can have unlimited downloads, unlock exclusive Premium tracks, and whitelist your YouTube channel against copyright claims.

Best of all, the platform’s premium subscription revenue ensures that Uppbeat artists get paid every time you download their music, so everyone wins!

Get lifetime access to Uppbeat today!

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