Train and educate employees on best security practices with ThreatCop

ThreatCop makes sure you can spot phishing schemes before they cause problems.

You can now launch dummy phishing attacks to make sure your team doesn’t fall prey to phony offers or emails.

ThreatCop lets you run an unlimited number of custom simulations, so you can make sure your employees are up to snuff in all phishing scenarios. (The phishing will continue until morale improves!)

Run phishing simulations to get employees prepared for attacks.

ThreatCop offers over 2,000 pieces of content in the awareness library for detailed information on how to resist cyber attacks.

You’ll find customized awareness videos, advisories, newsletters, and a gamified quiz based on the vulnerability score.

With ThreatCop, you’ll always know where you stand with cyber security and how to make your employees’ defenses even stronger.

Threat reports help you easily see how ready your organization is for an attack.

Much like Pringles chips, cyber security incidents are harder to defend against once you’ve had your first.

ThreatCop lets you train and educate all of your employees in the top six cyber attacks, so you can be fully prepared to stop problems before they start.

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