Create business models and financial statements with Sturppy

Sturppy makes it easy to communicate your finances, whether it’s your first time or hundredth time creating a financial model.

You can build a financial forecast for multiple business models,such as SaaS, mobile apps, agencies, robotics manufacturing, and many more!

Just answer simple questions about your startup idea or existing business and the tool will guide you through an easy and straightforward process.

Best of all, the Smart Model Builder gives you a customized, investor-ready model in less than 20 minutes based on your responses.

Financial forecast
Answer simple questions and experience a fast and seamless financial model-building process.

Sturppy lets you automatically create and format your balance sheet, cash flow statement, and income statements using the data in your financial model.

Grow your team and business with confidence by conceptualizing a hiring plan that scales as your startup acquires more customers.

Thanks to the tool’s capitalization table, you can also account for current or future funding rounds and model your equity or ownership splits.

Predicting the future of your business is nearly impossible, but you can generate upside and downside versions for your model at the click of a button.

Financial statements
Sturppy automatically creates and formats your income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statement within minutes.

Startups and small businesses are rarely built alone. Even if you’re a solo founder, you probably collaborate with mentors or early hires to get your finances in order.

Instead of a static Excel sheet, you can invite collaborators to build a specific section or an entire financial model in an interactive dashboard.

With Sturppy, you can build a financial forecast, come up with a winning pitch, and communicate with investors easier than ever before.

Build financial models in minutes.

Get lifetime access to Sturppy today!

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