Get lifetime access to StepShot for $39 and create process docs and workflows with StepShot Guides.

StepShot is a software documentation tool used for creating tutorials, workflow walk throughs, and step-by-step guides.

This tool produces manuals and reference guides for clients, customers, and employees in just minutes.

Create process docs and workflows with StepShot Guides. Here’s how :

  1. Choose the procedure you want to capture
  2. Click within a recording to easily produce a screenshot (either full screen, active window, or selected area)
    1. Stepshot Capturing
  3. Edit your screenshot however you wish! You can crop the image, add text or shapes, or highlight to get your point across
    1. Stepshot Editing
  4. Share and distribute your new StepShot Guide!
    1. Stepshot-export

You can share them with team members and customers, either as an exported PDF or hosted live on your WordPress site.

You can drastically reduce the amount of time and effort required to create the tutorials and manuals you need to get your message across.

Get lifetime access  :

  • Lifetime access to StepShot Guides
  • Create and annotate process documents
  • Capture full screen, active window, or screen region on mouse clicks
  • Export to PDF or publish directly on WordPress


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