Access to your competitor’s digital strategy with Socialinsider.

Find out what works, what doesn’t, and what to do next

Engagement reportEngagement report

What makes a post viral?

What’s the correlation between shares and fans increase? We know how hard is for you to stand out from the rest. Now you can track your competitors’ digital strategy and campaigns with Social Insider.


Likes reportLikes report

Correlate the data with the marketing actions

Are they sharing their emotions through comments or reactions? Learn how people are talking about your competition and learn from their strengths or weaknesses. Social Insider reveals data about who’s commenting and demographic insights about the community.


Posts reportPosts report

Get an inside view of your competition’s daily posts

What makes a Facebook post stand out? Comments are best, but likes and reactions sometimes will do just fine. Watch, interpret and understand your competitors’ actions with Social Insider.


Multi-page comparisonMulti-page comparison

Keep an eye open on their digital performance

Tired of those apps which limit your activity by a number of fans or data storage? No limits with Social Insider. Measure & benchmark your competitors’ marketing efforts from today!


Historical dataHistorical data

Record their social media efforts

Social Insider scans pages up to 6 months in the past. Find out what reactions people use most and how they relate to brand values. With your FREE account, you will be able to watch over 30 competitors.


Gender analysisGender analysis in comments & reactions

See how people behave online

Who’s commenting on their Facebook page? Male or women? Understand your competitors’ users at a micro-level and the way they interact with the community.


Users activityUsers activity

See when people interact with the Facebook page

Are your fans engaging with you in their lunch break or in the morning subway commute?


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