Generate leads and tailor your content with Smart Quiz Builder

Quizzes are a great way to go beyond generic marketing.

With quizzes from Smart Quiz Builder, visitors will spend more time on your site and you’ll get more relevant data about your potential customers.

The tool allows you to segment, tag, and deliver highly personalized offers that are tailored to your prospects’ pain points and needs.

Question screen examples
Quickly and easily create quizzes with the intuitive, user-friendly quiz builder.

Thanks to Smart Quiz Builder’s super intuitive platform, building quizzes just takes a few minutes.

Select the type of quiz, pick a template, connect the quiz to your email platform, and follow the steps in the user-friendly quiz builder to create and publish your quiz in minutes.

You can choose from a range of question types, from multiple choice to rating scales, and add in smart branching logic using the platform’s unique, visual funnel builder.

Best of all, you can nurture leads more effectively by sending them to a fully customized and personalized outcome screen, or redirecting them to a product recommendation page based on their results.

Quiz settings snapshot
Create tons of different quiz types, from surveys to assessments.

Smart Quiz Builder integrates with all leading marketing automation and email platforms, so it fits seamlessly into your existing lead processes.

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Learn more about your audience with quiz analytics and lead responses!

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