Get lifetime ShortPixel, the image optimizer.

ShortPixel works its compression magic without sacrificing the quality of images.

Improve website performance and increase SEO ranking with optimized images from ShortPixel

ShortPixel’s algorithm has been tested on over 257 millions images and can compress images in all the most popular formats (JPG, PNG, GIF, PDF, WebP) at up to 90%!


With WordPress ? Yes, you can the easily manage the image reduction process with the ShortPixel plugin that is directly installed into your WordPress Dashboard.


Once the plugin is installed, images are automatically compressed


Loading pages super fast mean more page views, an improved user experience, and higher SERP rankings.

Start compressing and optimizing your images right now!

Lifetime Access to ShortPixel

  • Optimize up to 5k images per month
  • No file size limit
  • One API Key for multiple sites
  • Automatic & bulk optimization
  • WordPress plugin
  • PHP Compression tools
  • Lossless, glossy and lossy optimization
  • Stack codes to increase limits in a single account
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