Etailers have very little control and visibility into order delivery.

Hence when order delivery is delayed or damaged, they have no way of taking any proactive remedial measures. They are forced to learn about delivery issues from customers.

Customers cite inferior delivery experience and lack of transparency about their orders as the topmost reason to abandon repeat purchases from a brand.

ShippingChimp offers retailers the ability to curate a seamless brand experience from checkout to order delivery.

With its predictive AI, ShippingChimp helps retailers intervene in delivery issues even before they take place.ShippingChimp’s centralized portal acts as a repository of 200 shipping data points that includes key order delivery (just shipped, in-transit, estimated date of arrival), as well as delivery exception (returns, damages, lost) metrics.

ShippingChimp’s branded tracking widget allows shoppers to dispute delivery issues without burdening the support team.

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