Serpstat is an all-in-one SEO platform.

Serpstat show you what your competitors are doing and how to beat them. Uncover info on keywords, rankings, and competitors with Serpstat.

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Serpstat has six different modules and access to API that give you unique reports and data that will tell you how efficient your marketing is.

1 – Rank Tracking. Use Serpstat’s advanced algorithm to analyze SERPs and save data about top 100 domains for every keyword. Dive deep and find out how keywords are ranking in Google and Yandex across 12,000+ major cities, all world countries, and languages.

2 – Backlink Analysis. Monitor backlinks for your and your competitors’ websites. Uncover competitors’ backlink strategies and and which domains serve as a source of quality backlinks.

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3 – Keyword Research. Discover the right keywords that bring your competitors and niche leaders traction and money and get them to the top of the search results. Use performance indicators like search volume, cost-per-click, competition level, or number of search results to determine keyword value.

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4 – Site Audit. Find out how efficient your site is by performing and in-depth analysis. Optimize your website by addressing all major SEO errors and load speed issues.

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5 – API access. Serpstat is the most API-friendly platform with virtually every report and data to be pulled wherever you want. Create custom reports and get data even faster.

6 – Competitor Research. Quickly and easily identify your most relevant competitors. Compare domains’ organic and paid search results for each common keywords, side-by-side.

Lifetime access to Serpstat :

  • Analytics data for Google US, UK, BG, CA, AU, DE, LT, LV, FR, ES, IT, ZA, NL
  • Search Analytics: 300 queries per day, 100 results per report
  • In-depth URL analysis
  • Missing Keywords included
  • API: 1,000 rows per month & 1 request per second
  • Position Tracking: 100 tracked keywords on a daily basis, 10 domains to track in Projects
  • Competitors’ domain to track in Projects
  • Backlink Analysis: 100 queries per day, 100 results per report
  • Site Audit: 20,000 pages every month
  • Keyword Clustering and Text Analytics: 100 keywords
  • Updates for the existing databases and features included


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