Discover a new world of productivity with Satiurn

Satiurn helps you stay productive with task management, time-tracking, and collaborative tools like in-app chat, making it easier to achieve your business goals.

View and manage tasks in the best format for your use case, whether that’s Kanban, tables, or timelines.

You’ll also be able to keep your collaborators on the same page with issues management tools, to-do lists, and custom attachments.

Task management board
Keep projects moving with task management boards like Kanban, tables, and timelines.

Satiurn helps you streamline your sales pipeline, so you always know whether your commercial efforts are paying off.

With fully customizable stages management, you’ll be able to automatically track productivity boards, opportunity changes, and issues for each deal.

Switch leads between pipeline stages and calculate deal success probability to get the most out of your work.

You can also tap into project-specific accounting data to track your expenses and analyze profit.

Projects calendar
Optimize your sales pipeline with automated project stage management and expense tracking.

It’s easy to impress your customers by creating quick custom proposals using Satiurn’s intuitive editor.

You can send your proposals through a shareable link or by exporting them as PDFs to make payments quick and easy.

Give your customers the VIP treatment with access to a client portal where they can keep track of projects, share files, and get in touch via the built-in chat.

Plus, you can save and organize all your contact information for customers, collaborators, and suppliers to have easy access later.

Satiurn puts all your work in one place, so you can stay productive and collaborate with your team and clients with ease.

Centralize your workflow and reduce headaches.

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