Host exciting interactive virtual events for groups with Run The World

Run The World covers everything in virtual events from A to Z—event registration, ticketing, hosting, emails, payment, community, recordings, and more!

It’s all accessible with a simple URL, making it easy to share events and so you don’t have to worry about attendees running into log-in or download issues.

Use “Cocktail Party” to encourage speed rounds of 1:1 networking amongst your attendees.

Run The World also features a Round Table option that lets attendees discuss topics and meet with others in groups of three to eight people.

As host, you can set table topics and assign attendees to groups.

Hosts can create Round Table discussion groups and attendees can jump from one topic to another.

Run The World helps you host exciting interactive events that leave your attendees feeling good and connected to their communities.

After all, whether your events are virtual or IRL, they’re all about the people.

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