Automate repetitive and data-intensive manual tasks with Robomotion

While many cloud automation tools only work with applications that have an API, Robomotion can automate custom web or desktop applications.

Available for Mac, Linux, and Windows, Robomotion robots can log in to a custom web portal, navigate through menus, export data to process, and email a report.

Get started quickly with an automation template for everything from sending birthday messages in a Slack channel to scraping stock price information and compiling it in Excel.

Automation templates
Choose one of the ready-to-use automation templates to get started automating your repetitive tasks!

Robomotion also lets you run multiple tasks within one automation project. (That’s what makes it possible to use Robomotion for scraping tasks!)

And it’s a cinch to schedule your RPA bot based on minutes, hours, days, or weeks.

Robomotion is here to help you harness the power of RPA bots to automate your business processes and boost team efficiency.

Let bots handle the boring stuff.

Get lifetime access to Robomotion today!


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