Repuso, the powerful reputation management tool.

Repuso monitors all social channels — Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google and many more — to collect reviews from your customers.

You’ll get reports back on everything, from the good to the bad to the ugly (hopefully, not that last one).

Reviews are collected in the dashboard, where you can decide on the best ones to feature on your website.

Manually handpick the reviews you want published or automate approval.

Automatically monitor multiple social channels, like Facebook, Google, Yelp and more.

Increase your website’s conversion rate by strategically displaying the top reviews on your best-performing pages.

Then, easily embed the testimonials on your website with either block code or Repuso’s WordPress plugin.

Organize and choose which reviews to display on your website.

Proudly display your testimonials in style with Repuso’s beautiful, designer-made widgets.

You’ll be able to customize the content and layout of widgets for different sections or products.

Choose from a wide array of beautiful and fully-customizable review widgets.

Request reviews from your clients and route the good ones to your social channels, and the not-so-good ones to your Repuso account.

It’s easy-peasy with Repuso’s fully customizable review request landing page.

Weed out the bad reviews and collect more positive ones.

Repuso makes it easy to handle multiple pages or client accounts from one central dashboard with painless switching between sub accounts.

Repuso’s dashboard allows for easy multi-account management.

Use Repuso and keep track of exactly what the word is on your business.

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