Boost email replies and track messages with Rebump.

This easy-to-use system tracks all of your email correspondences and follows up for you until you receive a response.

Rebump takes the guesswork and human error out of email communication, so your business never has to suffer from mistakes or forgetfulness.

Rebump sends out follow-up messages (or bumps) to your email contacts at set intervals of your choosing.

As soon as the message recipient responds, the bumps stop automatically.

Decide when you want to send your bumps throughout the week.

You can also personalize your bumps to add that extra human touch to your follow-up messages.

You’ll save time and energy by automating your entire email follow-up process – your clients will get timely follow-ups and be none the wiser!

Customize what you want your bumps to say based on who they’re being sent to.

Keep tabs on all your clients and messages in the Rebump dashboard, which allows you to easily check the status of all your individual communications in one place.

Here, you can verify which bumps have been opened, cancel a bump if it’s no longer necessary, and set up notifications that alert you when a bump expires without a response.

Monitor your email messages to stay on top of your communication.

Rebump also tracks how well your messages are doing and how many messages have responses.

Use this analytics information to your advantage by making savvier business moves and more informed decisions in your messaging strategy.

Get daily, weekly, or monthly email reports of all your bump activity directly to your inbox.

Whether it’s five emails a day or 500, Rebump makes sure you never lose out on another opportunity.

Quit letting sales slip through the cracks.

Get lifetime access to Rebump now!

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