Create an intelligent bot that gives smart answers with Quriobot

Quriobot gives you the power to build a friendly chatbot that will answer questions and help your site visitors find what they’re looking for.


Quriobot chatbots can be used for lead gen, customer support, and feedback.

You can embed your chatbot on your website or create a specific landing page for it.

Your Quriobot chatbots will speak to customers in your customers’ native language and keep the conversations relevant thanks to the logical and smart jumps you apply.


You’ll have the design capabilities necessary to customize your chatbot so that it fits seamlessly onto your site.

Plus, you’ll also have tools at your disposal to add things like multiple choice questions, star ratings, and date selection.

Lifetime Access to Quriobot’s Business Plan

  • 10k chats per month
  • Multilingual bots
  • Notifications and digests
  • Connect to external Services (webhooks)
  • Embed on a website or use QB on a landing page
  • Startup & behavioral rules
  • Simple and advanced step types
  • Unlimited bots & websites
  • All reporting features
  • Link to external social media messengers
  • Custom scripting (JS, CSS and HTML)
  • Set up your own API integrations

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