Build perfect lead lists with PipeCandy Prospector

PipeCandy Prospector helps you build a surgically precise lead list with data you can slice and dice.

You’ll have access to a massive database that lets you explore over 5.4 million eCommerce and DTC brands.

Plus, you’re able to locate the perfect buyers in your market with data thattracks over 50 eCommerce attributes.

With this much global coverage, your teams can stop wasting time pitching to “junk” leads that are impossible to convert.

Discover new leads with a database of over 5.4 million eCommerce and DTC companies.

You can choose from search filters like product categories, web traffic, web sales, order volume, and tech integrations to find new companies that fit your criteria.

Already have a lead list? Use over 50 industry-specific data points to sort them into special segments.

That way your demand generation and outreach teams can customize their outreach—since nothing kills a sale faster than a generic cold message.

Search filters
Segment your lead lists with ultra-specific filters and categories!

Thanks to proprietary algorithms and analysts, you’re always able to discover the most up-to-date coverage on eCommerce brands.

Collect fresh and accurate leads every day with information that’s constantly passed through multiple quality checks.

Get lifetime access to PipeCandy Prospector today!

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