Picvario manages your digital assets with a smarter storage solution

Picvario scans your assets for metadata and generates related tags, which you can quickly locate using the Elastic Search Engine.

Use advanced features like boolean operators, filters, and sorting to create even more refined search queries.

Plus, you can organize your assets into collections, making them easily accessible within a larger branding ecosystem.

Elastic Search Engine
The Elastic Search feature lets you find the right files in just one search.

Thanks to Picvario’s flexible metadata, your files can be organized in more ways than one.

With facial recognition technology, Picvario adds more detail-rich information that includes age, emotion, and gender—all of which is searchable.

Create your own taxons or categories to store the right assets in the right places.

Then translate file names and descriptions into hundreds of languages to support seamless collaboration between international teams.

Custom taxonomy
You can use custom taxons to easily search for related files.

Sharing files with your team is simple with Picvario.

Your team members can access any asset or collection with a shareable link, or they can export the files via download and file transfer protocol (FTP).

If you want to display a gallery on your website, just embed the HTML snippet that’s generated for you.

Picvario also lets you customize the Open Graph markup, so you can control how your content is displayed on social media.

Picvario lets you organize your entire digital library with advanced features like Elastic Search, filters, and facial recognition, letting you keep tabs on everything effortlessly.

Keep track of all your digital assets.

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