Speed up visual content organization and reviews with Picter

Picter helps teams organize all their visual assets in one centralized place where they can share visual content with team members and clients.

This simplifies the review, feedback, approval, and delivery processes by eliminating the need to sift through different tools and communications to compile feedback.

Bring all your visual content together in one sleek workspace for the whole team.

Using Picter is simple—upload visual content and share it with your co-workers or clients, enabling everyone to leave pinpointed comments and markups.

Picter lets you provide frame-accurate visual feedback on videos and moving images for precise edits.

You can also annotate and draw on still images, making the tool ideal for retouching or specific adjustments.

Get feedback where it’s needed, enabling all stakeholders to give clear, precise feedback in a flash!

Just send them a review or presentation link, and they can provide their feedback without logging in.

When sharing projects, you can also set individual permissions, giving just the right access to specific members and guests.

Picter saves hours of your time by giving you a clean way to organize visual assets and keep the review process in one location.

Get lifetime access to Picter today!


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