Merge data and evaluate ad campaigns with OWOX BI.

Merge data, evaluate ad campaigns, and get the reports you need with OWOX BI


OWOX BI combines all your cost data from ad services in Google Analytics, so you can measure ROAS and obtain the reports you need in GA.

OWOX BI helps you get more out of your analytics so that you can make faster and better decisions based on accurate data.


Once you set up and start using the OWOX BI Pipeline, you can easily compare the performance of your ad efforts, all together in GA.

You can import cost, click, and impression data from non-Google advertising services into Google Analytics and Google BigQuery automatically, on a daily basis.

And not only that, but you can retrieve historical cost data for specific dates, up to 6 months back!

It has a constantly growing list of available integrations, including Facebook Ads, Bing Ads, Twitter Ads, Criteo, Yahoo Gemini, AdRoll, and more.

It is ideal for any marketer or business owner that is trying to optimize their advertising budget.

The biggest difference between OWOX BI and the other tools is OWOX BI’s dedication to providing you with accurate data.

Grab lifetime access for just $49!

  • Lifetime access to OWOX BI Basic 0 Plan
  • Cost, click and impression data import from
  • Hotline to Google Analytics
  • Vkontakte to Google Analytics
  • Yandex.Market to Google Analytics
  • Yandex.Direct to Google Analytics and Google BigQuery
  • Historical data import for up to 6 months.
  • Twitter to Google Analytics
  • Facebook to Google Analytics and Google BigQuery
  • MyTarget to Google Analytics
  • Criteo to Google Analytics
  • Sklik to Google Analytics
  • Bing to Google Analytics


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