Build better relationships and close more sales with Novocall.

Novocall is callback software that connects you with potential customers in 30 seconds.


Novocall helps you increase conversions by putting you in touch with customers when they’re in that quickly fleeting “I’m ready to buy” mood.

It all starts with Novocall’s embeddable callback widget. The widget can be embedded in a website, or you can add a link to a contact form or email.

Once the customer puts in their phone number, Novocall will contact your sales agent, give them contextual info on the customer’s journey, and then connect them within 30 seconds. If your first sales agent is not available, it will move to the next agent in the system.

With Novocall, the average lead response time is 20 seconds. When it comes to sales, it pays to be fast.


Novocall is even great after work hours. If your team decides to go home to take their nightly 8-hr nap, the widget will ask customers to schedule a call. No more missed calls making you wonder what could’ve been.

Lifetime Access to Novocall Pro Plan

  • 60 days call history
  • Free international calls to roughly 40 countries
  • Unlimited sites & widgets
  • All exit intent triggers
  • 3 consultants per widget
  • SMS & email notifications
  • Custom text and design
  • 50 successful calls (successful = 2 people talk)
  • 1 call = up to 20 mins (21 – 40 mins = 2 calls)
  • IP address & phone blocking
  • Unique company name for each widget
  • Custom timezone for each widget
  • Custom logo
  • Custom caller ID
  • Stack 2 codes = 100 calls a month and 6 consultants per widget
  • Stack 3 codes = 150 calls/mo, 9 consultants per widget
  • Stack 3 codes = custom pages, configurable SMS & “Powered by Novocall” branding optional
  • 60-day money back guarantee. No matter the reason.

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