Get lifetime access to MissingLettr.

Missinglettr creates a year’s worth of social media campaigns designed to drive traffic and engagement for you or your client.

Every time a new blog is published, it will instantly pull it from the site and formulate a series of social media posts, pre-filled with quotes, hashtags, and images!

MissingLettr is for lifetime access to the Small Team Plan. (Valued at $780 a year alone!)

This plan lets you:

Missinglettr will create structured, 9-event campaigns over 12 months, sending it out to as many of those 25 profiles as you want. It could literally be thousands of posts a year!

These posts will be strategically scheduled throughout the year and posted on the social media platforms of your choice: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Google+.

The thing that makes it different from other tools is that it doesn’t just post content for you, it curates branded content and its smart algorithm comes up with posts so you don’t have to.

Lifetime Access to Missinglettr Small Team Plan

  • Link unlimited site10 new campaigns per week
  • 25 social profiles
  • 1 additional team member
  • External campaign approvals
  • Custom URL shorteners & UTM parameters
  • Auto repurposing
  • Create campaigns for external URL’s
  • 60-day money back guarantee. No matter the reason.

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