Communicate, collaborate and manage emails with Loop Email.

A well-oiled machine is the sum of its parts. And Loop Email makes sure that all parts work together efficiently and transparently, in a single platform.

As a collaboration hub, Loop Email connects your team so you can chatexchange filesand manage shared inboxes easily.

Start team conversations or side-chat discussions with teammates and eliminate email clutter, without having to switch between your email and half dozen collaboration tools.

Loop Email’s app is desktop and mobile friendly and works with Gmail, Outlook, Office365 and IMAP accounts.

If sharing is caring, Loop Email knows how to spread the love (and split the workload) like a pro.

Manage unlimited shared mailboxes like “info@”, “support@”, and “sales@” accounts from a single platform.You can assign emails and tasks and always know who’s working on what. No need to shout across the office “Who’s answering that?!” every time a message comes in.

Whether you’re 5 or 500, Loop Email keeps everyone on your team, well, in the loop, so no email ever falls through the cracks.

Give your inbox a breather and keep your team discussions right where you, and everyone else, can see them with the app’s built-in messaging feature.

You’ll also be able to loop a coworker in on a topic with a @mention, chat about an email, work together on a draft in real-time, or create a team channel to send a message to everyone.

Save time, and your sanity, with Loop Email’s canned responses.

Instantly reply to clients directly from your inbox with one click.

Personalize emails, add context, and answer common questions with fast and consistent replies.

Loop Email organizes sentstarreddraftand trashed emails into folders, giving you visibility into who said what to who, and when.

The app also lets you store your most frequent contacts (aka the favorites) and contact info of anyone you’ve ever communicated with.

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