Login pages meet style and security with LoginPress

LoginPress is a login management plug-in for WordPress that helps you secure, rebrand, and customize your login pages without developers or code.

Users encounter login pages more often than you’d think, and LoginPress gives you the customization tools to stand out.

With LoginPress, your options for customization are endless — adjust the sizescolorsand content of login logosbackgroundsbuttonsand more or go with dozens of slick pre-made templates.

Login forms, “Forget your ID/Password?” forms, error messages, welcome messages, and form footers are now opportunities for you to add the personal touch of your brand.

Plus, you can tap into more options with Google Fonts and Google reCaptcha.

LoginPress lets you preview your login page changes instantly with a simple plugin that requires zero coding skills.

And this powerful tool is just getting started.

LoginPress comes with an amazing collection of add-ons designed for ease of use and security.

Tired of trying to remember your passwords? (Was it california74 or calamari74?)

Auto Login generates a unique URL for users to bypass the login process and get straight to their account.

You’ll be able to manage all users with auto-generated login links from one list, disabling access and deleting users.

With Social Login, users can easily log in or register via their FacebookGoogleand Twitteraccounts without filling out a sign-up form.

This add-on cuts the hassle and reduces the likelihood of spambot registrations.

Next, the Login Widget can be used in your blog sidebar, and with a bit of HTML/CSS knowledge, you’ll give it the perfect amount of pizazz.

Hack me once, shame on you. Hack me twice, shame I didn’t have the Limit Login Attempts add-on sooner, which helps track login attempts by user.

Prevent brute force attacks by limiting the number of login attempts for each user and even set the time between each login attempt.

Add another layer of protection with Hide/Rename Login, which lets you customize your login page URL to something users can find but spammers can’t.

Forget your custom login URL? LoginPress helps you recover it in seconds via email.

Finally, if your site’s got different kinds of visitors, Login Redirect is the Sorting Hat that helps redirect users based on their roles and specific usernames.

You can send editors to one page and subscribers to another while limiting casual guests to certain pages. Manage it all under one handy UX/UI.

Freelancers and agencies everywhere use LoginPress to take their login pages to the next level.

Unlike the default WordPress login page, LoginPress gives you the tools to stand out.

You’ll create such a professional and unified browsing experience that users instantly forget they’re on a WordPress site.

Competitors might offer surface level changes to your login page, forgetting that the login process is a super vulnerable moment for your account.

LoginPress goes above and beyond by providing multiple powerful add-ons for secure logins every time.

  • Features Included in All Plans 
    • Lifetime access to LoginPress’ AppSumo Agency Plan
    • You must redeem your code(s) by Oct 1, 2019
    • 20 Pre-designed login page templates
    • Google reCaptcha & Google Fonts integrations
    • Customizable error messages
    • All current and future premium addons/features
    • Stack up to 2 codes to use LoginPress Pro on unlimited sites for a lifetime
    • All future plan updates including addons/features
    • 60-day money back guarantee, no matter the reason

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