Listagram use an interactive deal wheel to increase email subscribers.

First, you’ll design your wheel to your liking, which includes changing any of the text and colors, as well as adding your own logo or choosing a theme.

Then, you can move to the settings, where you’ll choose display triggers.

There are separate mobile and desktop settings, with triggers including time-based and user behavior options, such as leaving the page.

Quickly define display settings for your wheel to tailor the experience to your audience.

Prizes can be anything you like, so if you want to add free shipping, special products, or even consultations, the wheel will happily oblige.

After the slices are setup, time to get a look at the whole pie.

Customize the slices by adding prizes and setting win rates for each one.

The Wheel Preview is where you can try the hypnotizing magic on yourself.

See exactly how your fortune wheel will display to customers, and then give it a spin.

And another one. And just one more… Careful, young Bob Barker. The wheel’s powerful allure is based on behavioral science, and it’s a slippery, slippery slope.

Listagram can also be added to any site, so it doesn’t matter if you’re on Shopify, WordPress, Squarespace, etc. The big wheel is gonna keep on turnin’.

Preview your wheel to see how awesome it is for yourself! But don’t get caught in an infinite loop!

On the Stats page you’ll get to see how many people interacted with the wheel, including top-performing pages and slices over a selected period.

It also lets you track emails collected and conversion statistics to give you a simplified view of how effective your strategies are.

The Overview page distills this information into numbers for Today, Yesterday, and Total for a quick top-down look.

Get useful statistics on how your wheel is driving subscribers and conversions.

Listagram turns that process into a fun game sure to have people playing the odds for prizes.

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