Automatically create products and sync inventory with Inventory Source

Inventory Source lets you create product listings on your website automatically based on your supplier’s data.

You’ll be able to find your dropship supplier in the program’s directory of over 230 integrated suppliers.

Plus, it’s easy to bring images, titles, descriptions, and more into your existing online store or marketplace platform, like Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Amazon, and Walmart.

Inventory Source
Integrates with over 230 dropship suppliers, including niche suppliers.

Instead of manually updating products yourself, let Inventory Source handle the tedious work of automating inventory and prices throughout the day.

Your online store or sales channels will be up to date with the latest information, so you can ensure your inventory and pricing are always accurate.

Set a minimum quantity filter to avoid accidentally selling out-of-stock products, and control how you want to view these inactive products in the Catalog Manager.

Catalog manager
The Catalog Manager dashboard lets you search for products, customize product data, and make bulk changes.

This type of automation is designed to directly place orders inside your dropship supplier’s order management system and then auto-pull shipment tracking information.

Best of all, Inventory Source will send the shipment tracking information back to your sales channels to keep your customers updated on their orders.

You can curate and customize your product catalog, product details, and pricing in bulk right from the app.

Create catalog rules to automatically adjust the prices to best fit your business model and pricing strategy.

Inventory Source helps you automate product creation, inventory updates, and order management directly with your dropship supplier.

Save time and avoid human error in your order management.

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