Increase traffic, subscribers, and sales with SMS-iT Decentralized

With SMS-iT Decentralized, you get unlimited two-way omnichannel messaging and marketing for SMS, MMS, RCS, email, voice, fax, and chat.

Bulk schedule SMS and MMS messages in intervals with full control over when the messages are sent. (You can even schedule months in advance!)

You can also make and send coupons to reward customers, as well as engage your subscribers with keyword text marketing.

Plus, all of the key information for your campaigns is easily viewable right on the dashboard.

Dashboard and Statistics
View subscribers and success ratings for your omnichannel messaging campaigns on the dashboard.

If you’re already using SMPP by Twilio, Plivo, SignalWire, Bandwidth, or Telnyx, you can use SMS-iT Decentralized to enable speedy SMS and MMS messaging.

Take advantage of the platform’s Twilio Gateway to use the decentralized version for bulk messaging, or the Android IoT SIM Card Gateway for added flexibility.

You can also use built-in integrations to connect to email software like MailChimp, GetResponse, Sendinblue, and ActiveCampaign to quickly set up email campaigns.

SMPP Configuration
Access two decentralized gateways—Twilio and Android IoT SIM Card—for effortless SMS and MMS messaging.

With SMS-iT, you can access a database of more than one billion records to build your TCPA-compliant list for mobile marketing campaigns.

Create a subscriber list with the targeted and segmented records from your opt-ins, or import opt-in mobile numbers into your AI control panel.

SMS-iT Decentralized helps you increase traffic, subscribers, and sales through unlimited two-way omnichannel messaging and marketing at scale.

Stay top of mind for customers.

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