Collect, develop, and prioritize the right ideas with Ideanote

As a central hub for innovation, Ideanote gives you access to your own branded workspace, so you can collect ideas, engage the right people, and measure impact.

First, launch an idea collection centered around a question or pain point. For example: How can we make our Monday marketing meetings more effective?

If you don’t know where to start, Ideanote offers a collection of 100+ templates designed to spark conversation around your productprocessor project.

Invite the relevant people (in this case, the marketing department) via email or an access link to comment, ask more questions, or submit their own ideas.

Each member gets their own profile to manage ideas, view progress, and customize settings.

Invite members to comment, ask questions, and submit their own ideas!

Now it’s time to let the brainstorming begin!

Every great concept starts with a bunch of little ideas. You can easily manage all your ideas in Ideanote’s visual idea management dashboard—from lightbulb moment to execution.

Streamline your innovation process with a built-in five-phase funnel that lets you rate, comment on, and assign ideas. You can even mix and match as many phases as you like to build your own custom funnel.

Once your ideas are ready to take flight, you can drag-and-drop them into phases to move them forward in the process.

Bring ideas to life in the visual idea management dashboard.

Break free from the struggles of separate spreadsheets. Ideanote delivers instant insights into content trends, teams, and contributors.

Visualize engagement, measure how your team is performing, and identify top innovators. That way, you can celebrate your successes, innovate smarter, and scale faster.

You’ll be able to export your data how you want (as a spreadsheet or in Google Sheets), and as often as you want—monthly, weekly, or daily.

Sort and filter your entire history to find exactly what you’re looking for, without having to spend hours searching.

Keep track of how your team is performing and identify top innovators.

Without proper communication, what starts as teamwork can quickly devolve into chaos.

Whether you’re working with team members, stakeholders, or customers, Ideanote engages the right people at the right time to keep everyone on the same page.

Target and segment your audience to control who can submit ideas and contribute to individual phases in your mission.

Plus, you can give individuals access to comment, rate, and assign—and remove or edit access at any time.

Designate access for specific individuals to comment, rate, and assign.

Collecting more ideas means having better ideas to choose from. That’s why Ideanote comes with a fully customizable and responsive form widget.

You can easily embed the widget your blog or website to gather customer feedback, suggestions, and ideas.

And that’s not all. Ideanote also comes with a native Unsplash integration to give you access to a collection of 700k+ high-res photos.

Embed Ideanote’s fully customizable widget onto your website to collect customer feedback and ideas!

You’ve got a ton of ideas for your business—and so does your team. (Three words: Cold brew keg.)

Don’t waste time searching through notes or trying new tools that slow you down.

Collect, grow, and execute your ideas, fast!

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