Encourage subscriptions and repeat visits with Gravitec

Now you can boost subscription rates and clicks on notifications.

When a subscriber chooses a news category, they’re automatically assigned a segment to give you insight into users’ interests.

The basic segmentation information is pulled from a subscriber’s browser.

You can now target users by operating system, country, city, language, and browser for more effective campaigns.

But Gravitec.net takes it a step farther with advanced segmentation options targeted to subscribers based on their interests.

These segments can either be automatically or manually created for maximum flexibility and engagement.

Use advanced segmentation to target subscribers both manually and automatically.

Behavior automations make sure the right content is sent to your subscribers.

With Gravitec.net, you don’t need to worry about what to send or even how to create a notification—it’s all done for you. (Take that, effort!)

Send automated campaigns to all of your subscribers or a specific segment.

There are four automation features in total: RSS to Push, Push Digest, Drip Campaigns, and Welcome Messages.

These campaigns are automatically compiled by pulling notification elements from the metadata of your webpages, letting you take full advantage of all the tools available to you.

Access four automation features to easily send the right content to the right subscribers!

Gravitec.net gives you automated prompts and push campaigns, a versatile bell widget, plus easy audience segmentation to turn visitors into engaged subscribers.

So make sure your site has more pull than ever.

Get lifetime access to Gravitec.net today!


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