Make your online meetings more fun, engaging, and interactive with GoBrunch

With Zoom fatigue running high, GoBrunch transforms the way you run virtual sessions.

The platform’s unique interface allows you to make virtual events more fun with interactivity and a user experience that mimics in-person events.

You’ll be able to host unlimited webinars inside of GoBrunch—no installation required for you or your attendees!

It only takes a few minutes to set up your virtual classroom with the immediate ability to screenshare with sound, enable your camera, and broadcast presenters.

Online classroom
Create your GoBrunch virtual classroom or training event in minutes!

To make your session even more engaging, you can choose the room layout, giving participants the chance to pick their own seat and meet other attendees—just like in person!

Once the session is live, you’ll be able to play video content, present uploaded slides, record your sessions, and download video files.

Guests will be able to interact with the ability to raise their hand, vote, and raise signs.

Plus, at the end of the session, GoBrunch lets you download a detailed frequency report that displays how long each attendee participated in the live session.

Virtual seminar room

GoBrunch brings the in-person experience back to virtual sessions with features that allow attendees to interact with facilitators and other participants.

It’s time to rethink connection in our digital world.

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