Engage and empower students with Go4clic

Go4clic equips you to deliver top-notch learning experiences through interactive challenges and online courses that you can organize, customize, and manage.

The platform’s interactive challenges enable clients to enrich their learning by engaging with fellow classmates and high-quality content.

Interactive course components
Keep users motivated and boost engagement through collaborative activities!

Go4clic offers more customizability than an HGTV home reno.

White-label features allow you to customize your domain and landing page according to your brand, including logo, images, text, and more.

You can create, manage, and administrate as many courses or live classes as you like in just a few quick and easy steps.

Show your customers how much you care and increase your customer loyalty by offering custom training programs tailored specifically to them.

Customize your academy and create tailored lessons with videos, images, audio, and downloadable files.

Go4clic is the Tony Hawk of learning analytics, offering 360 degrees of mentor and course performance data sets. (With fewer ollies…unless you’ve got students named Oliver.)

Open up a whole new world of learning for your students and site users with enriching activities for your online courses.

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