Customer intelligence, marketing automation and live chat with Gist.

Gist is a marketing suite that has everything you need to turn visitors into customers

Gist is giving you more customers and the ability to track, segment, and manage leads and customers throughout their entire lifecycle.

Gist creates “Live Customer Profile,” showing customer activity, location, and social profiles.

Gist magic keeps on comin’. Here’s everything else you can do:

Customer Intelligence– Want to send an email out to people who make purchases of at least $1000 a month? Or created more than 5 projects? Use Gist’s event visualizer to define events and take care of business.

Live Chat– Gist helps you start proactive chats with leads, turn them into customers, and answer support questions instantly, on a single platform.

Email Marketing– Send out automated emails to your entire list, or better yet, to specific trigger-based segments (i.e. they left something in their cart, or just made a purchase).

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