Automated email marketing campaigns with Encharge

Segmentation allows you to get personal with your customers—without making things weird.

Encharge lets you create user segments with live data from your website, product, and marketing tools.

You can even convert data from your CRM, billing platform, appointment scheduler, and more into actionable campaign segments.

Plus, get even more specific with options for fields like user properties, tags, actions performed, email activity, and page visits.

Segment users based on data from your website, product, marketing tools, CRM, and more!

Behavior-based emails let you hone in on user actions.

You can send automated emails when people perform a specific action (or don’t) on your site or within your product.

This lets you send emails at critical moments in the user journey, like when they visit your pricing page, when their trial is about to expire, or if they go inactive and you want to re-engage.

The built-in email address verification seriously boosts deliverability and maintains your sender reputation by automatically verifying each email you add for clean lists and outreach.

Plus, the site-tracking feature and native integrations with Stripe, Chargebee, Recurlly, Chargify, and Paddle let you create engaging customer journeys without being bogged down in code.

Behavior-based emails let you engage customers at critical moments in their user journey.

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