EditMate produce authentic marketing content with user-generated videos

EditMate is an end-to-end solution that lets you collect and produce user-generated video content.

Make it as easy as possible to collect user-generated video content by asking customers to upload their content on EditMate’s public uploader.

The uploader is optimized for mobile and can be white-labeled to match your brand, down to the customizable URL and built-in terms and conditions.

Collect user-generated videos from your community with EditMate’s standard uploader!

You’ll be able to design a custom uploader that matches your brand and can be personalized with unique terms and conditions and data fields.*

Design a branded uploader with customizable data fields and terms and conditions.*

This simple, intuitive dashboard makes it painless to collaborate with your team from start to finish with the ability to write project briefs, review footage, rate videos, share videos, and more.

With EditMate, you can store your videos on public or private, password-protected video channels with easy access when you need them.

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