Copywritely gives your content the SEO it deserves.

Copywritely is an SEO content tool that helps perfect your copy for both search engines and readers.

Your brand is unique, but duplicated content from other websites keeps you hidden with the imitators.

With the plagiarism checker, you’ll be able to scour the web for similar phrases and detect just what you need to rewrite.

Copywritely provides a helpful list of external sources that would make your English teacher proud, and displays the percentage of similar text.

The keyword density checker is your quick fix for keyword spam in your content, allowing you to add more relevant keywords.

But that’s not the only keyword fun to be had with Copywritely.

You can take advantage of the keyword usage checker module in Copywritely, which lets you pull relevant keywords you might be missing from similar pages.

Fill the keyword gaps in your copy and watch the clicks from organic searches soar.

If your content is about as readable as your 1099 form, you might need the readability checker.

After all, easy-to-read content means better conversion rates and higher user satisfaction.

Despite what you may see going on in YouTube comments, grammar on the Internet is important.

The grammar checker is your spellchecker turned up to 11 with automatic fixes that don’t require constant copy-and-pasting.

Website owners everywhere use Copywritely to stay at the top of their content game (and the SERP)!

Other tools stop short at grammar checks.

Copywritely first makes sure your content is easy to read and then makes sure it’s actually read.

The competition doesn’t come close to making your content both user-friendly and SEO-friendly.

No web traffic wants to go down the Hot Mess Express Lane of bad copy.

Perfect your content and get the visibility you deserve with Copywritely.

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