Receive calls from anyone, anywhere, and at any time with Clickacall

It’s time to get back to basics, and Clickacall gives you one link to rule your calls.

The tool generates a unique link for all your voice or video calls. Just set up an account, share your link, and you’re good to go.

Clickacall works with any browser, any device, and any location, so you’re sure to be connected as long as you’ve got internet access.

Sign-ups and downloads won’t be getting in the way of your communication with clients anymore.

Make a voice or video call from anywhere on any browser or device – all from one link!

Your call link is ready to be shared anywhere, too.

Go ahead and embed the link in websites, emails, and texts for quick lines of communication.

Don’t forget to add the link to social media or marketing campaigns to make sure customers can get in touch with all their burning questions (MJ or LeBron? Go.)

Just embed the link in emails, websites, texts, and social media for easy connections.

Call tracking gives you real-time call data, plus lets you use as many tags and notes as you want (people with paper schedulers, this one’s for you).

You’ll also be able to capture missed call data, as well as record video conversations to help with training or review customer information.

All the features are super intuitive, so you’ll skip the learning curve to put Clickacall straight to use.

Call tracking gives you live call data, and you can also add unlimited tags and notes!

Agencies and web support teams will love Clickacall for its straightforward simplicity.

Manage calls from both desktop and mobile with the handy smartphone app, which rings straight through to your phone like a standard voice or video call.

Clickacall even lets you add new users in one click to expand teams as necessary.

Create user groups to call multiple people on your team at the same time, making the call available to whoever picks up.

You’ll also be able to quickly track campaigns with Clickacall’s analytics, giving you insight into every call, along with lead statuses and account overviews right on the dashboard.

Analytics provide detailed call information, including lead status, notes, and recordings.

Unless you’re on a Japanese game show, you shouldn’t have to jump through hoops, especially when it comes to getting connected with your clients.

Say goodbye to downloads, sign-ups, and installs when you say hello to Clickacall.

One link is all you need to stay in touch with customers.

Get lifetime access to Clickacall today!


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