Clapboard is a Chrome plugin to create great videos.

With Clapboard, you can pre-record videos with your webcama screen share, or both.

You’ll create a more engaging and personal experience for your customers in just minutes by using the Clapboard Google Chrome plugin.

Personalize videos for potential prospects or answer frequently asked customer support questions with a pre-recorded product demo.

Pause your recording any time to make notes or emphasize parts of your screen.

Choose webcam, screen share, or both to start recording your first video.

Clapboard’s in-video tools transform your screen into a canvas, letting you draw on the pageuse the cursor to focus on an important point, and more!

Customize the video player to fit your brand by changing its color and style.

Clapboard even lets you change the interface of the video player to match your brand colors and logo.

Clapboard makes it easy to add calls-to-action to your videos.

Videos are an awesome resource if you want to generate more leads or drive prospects to act.

Clapboard helps you do this with three different options for adding a call-to-action to your videos.

Choose a form to capture lead information and pick when it will pop up during the video.

Add banners and buttons to send leads to your website, a different landing page, or a destination of your choice.

Get in-depth analytics on your videos and find out exactly how they’re performing.

In the Clapboard dashboard, you can view in-depth analytics for your videos, including the number of viewswatch time, and traffic source and location.

Use the prospect heatmaps to identify qualified leads and focus your outreach strategy on specific demographics.

With the data Clapboard provides, you’ll be able to figure out which videos are most effective and see whether your leads are engaged.

Prospect heatmaps help you find qualified leads and narrow down your outreach strategy.

With Clapboard’s easy-to-use Google Chrome plugin, you can create and edit professional videos in minutes.

All it takes is pressing play to turn viewers into believers.

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