Create, organize, and deliver memorable event experiences with Canapii

Making events accessible around the globe is a key part of the Canapii experience.

With built-in translations and subtitles powered by machine learning, attendees can select from 71 subtitle languages and receive an AI-generated translation.

The translation feature extends to all the content on the platform and on-demand sessions, so you can get the most out of your events and connect with a global audience.

Event platform and translation option
Create and host global events with Canapii’s live AI translation feature!

Everything you need to create and manage events is housed in the Event Console.

You can curate personalized experiences and user journeys for all of your attendees by customizing the data you collect during registration.

Canapii lets you set specific rules and paths for attendees based on the content you want them to see, granting them access to networking and engagement activities.

Canapii is designed to engage participants throughout your events without requiring a big lift from your team.

With Canapii, you can create super engaging, customizable events that captivate your audience and drive real results for your business.

It’s time to level up your virtual event experience.

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