Powerful chatbot solution with BotStar.

BotStar is perfect for those of us who are lovers, not coders.

You’ll get over 70 ready-to-use templates to get you started with conversation flows, and then you can quickly edit the conversation in the visual flow designer.

This straightforward tool lets you preview your bot while you’re outlining and also comes with a built-in content management system to accommodate media-rich content.

Add images, videos, variables, and more to the conversation with simple drag-and-drop functionality. It doesn’t get easier than this.

Easily insert messages and set up conversation blocks with the visual flow editor.

BotStar is partnered with Google’s DialogFlow and Facebook’s WIT.AI to give you a super-smart and flexible system that can be trained for better responses and a wider variety of user inputs.

Plus, it can handle complex conversations without human intervention, all at lightning-fast response rates.

Your customers will be super happy to skip the chat queue and get the information they need ASAP.

Handle complex conversations with smart NLP training!

Choose from 4 display methods: in-content embedment, pop-up, full landing page, or the classic live-chat.

BotStar also has multilingual support for up to 170 languages right out of the box–essential for companies with international customers.

And with full white-labeling for both the front- and back-end, there’s nothing to distract from your branding.

Choose from 4 different bot display methods to tailor the experience to your business.

The bot can use unlimited tagging to segment the audience into desired support or outreach funnels. It can also collect personal data, orders, and bookings to shorten conversations and avoid customer frustrations.

Automatically collect information from your leads and customers using Checkpoint.

For teams that want to get technical, BotStar is the platform for you.

Inline scripting lets developers build rich features for your bot, like API calls, complicated on-the-fly calculations, and highly complex integrations.

It’s the perfect platform for chatbot agencies and professionals that want maximum flexibility but don’t want to start from scratch.

Get technical with inline scripting for API calls, complicated calculations, and complex integrations.

Consider the age-old adage: Mo’ customers, mo’ problems.

The more successful your business becomes, the harder it is to keep up with all your awesome current and future clients.

So use a super-smart chatbot to get ahead of the game while still giving everyone the experience they deserve.

Get BotStar today!

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