Identify loopholes on your website with BeagleSecurity

BeagleSecurity helps you leverage the power of AI and automation to get accurate results in less time.

With the click of a button, your website undergoes in-depth penetration tests in the background with the ability to run multiple tests simultaneously.

The tool lets you add unlimited websites, allowing you to secure multiple environments, web apps, and websites from one single dashboard.

Get a complete overview on the security of multiple websites from a single intuitive dashboard.

Once the security test is complete, access all the relevant security details on the dashboard, like security score, number of vulnerabilities, and classification based on severity.

You’ll also get the OWASP Top 10 indicators, a global standard for web security with tables and graphs that show the vulnerability trend of a particular site over time.

BeagleSecurity makes protecting your site simple, with automated penetration tests and detailed insights on how to fix security issues.

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