BackupGuard back up, restore, and migrate your WordPress website

BackupGuard is the complete backup solution that allows you to back up your website and restore to the point you choose.

Back up your website and access all your copies in one list, so you can restore when needed!

You can choose to run a full, partial, or custom backup.

By using Cloud function from the main window, you can store your backups offsite for better safety. Whether you use Dropbox or Google Drive, you’ll be Monica Geller-level prepared.

Store your backups offsite for better safety using BackupGuard’s cloud function.

Thanks to BackupGuard, you can easily automate the process and schedule backups based on your preferred timeline.

With the Security plugin, you’ll protect your website with a powerful firewall.

The Firewall section lets you access the settings to guard your site against a wide variety of malicious URI requests, bad bots, spam referrers, and other attacks.

Set up a strong firewall defense for your website for maximum security and peace of mind.

Backup Guard also constantly scans your website for code injections, malware, and backdoor viruses.

Get lifetime access to BackupGuard WordPress Plugin today!

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