Get direct customer feedback and real-time updates with Announcefly.

Announcefly helps you understand what your customers want by giving you a platform to solicit feedback throughout the product lifecycle.

Customers and stakeholders can easily make suggestions for product features or future solutions using the suggestions feature.

Customers can make suggestions that your team can view and prioritize.

Once you sort through suggestions and choose the ones you’d like feedback on, customers can start having meaningful conversations about these ideas by leaving comments on release cards/notifications.

With Announcefly, it’s easy to organize suggestions while also keeping customers, team members, and stakeholders in the loop about product, service, and feature launches.

Using the Kanban view of your public roadmap, you can let customers and stakeholders know which features are up for consideration, which ones are currently in development, and which ones have been deployed.

It’s easy to move projects from one column to another to prioritize suggestions and keep everyone up-to-date on progress.

Keep your customers engaged and in the loop with an embeddable changelog widget

From the dashboard, you can easily navigate to other rooms and add new topics to get feedback on.

Keep track of ideas and updates from the Annoouncefly dashboard.

You can customize each room to your liking and brand it as your own to provide a seamless experience for customers.

Make Announcefly your own with customization options.

Understanding what your customers want doesn’t have to be an exhausting guessing game.

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