Amelia take bookings 24/7 without a 24/7 staff

Amelia works 24/7 to help customers choose the perfect service or event and manage their payments.

Plus, it sends real-time text messages to remind customers of appointments and events, and alert employees of any cancellations.

With an automated, enterprise-level booking experience, you’ll see deep changes in your productivity with little change to your work process.


Amelia’s award-winning UI design outpowers WordPress itself. With little to no learning curve, you can create a branded experience for your customers in no time.

The intuitive back-end lets you customize the colors of the Amelia plugin and add the booking agent to your site without breaking a sweat.

Service descriptions can include duration, employees, custom fields, photo galleries, and even extras for your customers to tack on—saving you time answering phone calls and emails.

As far as events go, people can easily book single-day events or multi-day events, all displayed in a clean calendar with images and descriptions.

You can also set up recurring events on the backend, so you don’t have to do that job twice.

Take advantage of full scheduling flexibility by configuring individual employee schedules, buffer times, and special holidays.

And Amelia even syncs with Google Calendar, so you and your employees can stay on top of all of your appointments.

You can keep juggling phone and email inquiries, taking care of payments, and delivering real-time text reminders…

Or you can use the one assistant guaranteed to do it all: Amelia.

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